16 May 2012

The author visit with me is up atHunger Mountain!In which I talk about the inspiration for “Last Dog,” my writing process or lack thereof, Aimee Bender, and, briefly, human leather.


15 MAY 2012

Hunger Mountain has posted my story “Last Dog,” originally published in their print issue back in the fall, online! I love this for reasons you can read about in this blog entry. Also, this story will supposedly be getting some pretty awesome and prestigious love soon, which I can’t reveal yet, because it’s apparently pretty good. So, quick, go read it! Also, they’ll be posting a short interview with me soon, so stay tuned for that.

24 APRIL 2012

Yeah, that’s my name on the back cover.

The Spring 2012 issue of Third Coast came in the mail today with my story “Upper Middle Class Houses” inside of it! There’s nothing quite like seeing your work in print. I’m so excited to be a part of this great publication, and I am immediately reading the whole thing, cover to cover. Go here to order yourself a copy so you can, too.

14 APRIL 2012

Two things:

1. Way back in November, the good people over at Vouched said nice things about my story “Male Seeking Female” that appeared at Annalemma, but I didn’t have a website back then on which to gush about how cool it is to find out people like something you created, so I’m doing that now.  That ‘s really cool, guys! Really cool. Thanks so much! I like you guys, too. 🙂

2. I have some VERY EXCITING SECRET NEWS, but as it is still Secret News as of right now, I can’t say anything about it. But man, is it exciting! When I got the email about it, I screamed. And then I screamed again. And then I re-read the email to make sure it was actually intended for me and not someone else. And then I think I probably screamed one more time. I look forward to actually being able to tell people about it, which I hope happens soon, cause otherwise I may have an aneurism from the pressure of all the unshared excitement building up inside of me. Not the worst way to die.

And now that I’ve said that, you all will probably think I’m getting a Pulitzer or something, (I’m not. . . yet), and then be disappointed when I actually say what it is. Sorry in advance. But it’s still pretty darn cool.

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    My story "Last Dog," originally published in Hunger Mountain back in the fall, is now online! You can read it here. Also check out the author visit with me, in which I talk about how I got the idea for the story, my writing process, and, briefly, human leather.

    Third Coast

    Be sure to check out my latest story, "Upper Middle Class Houses," in a print issue of Third Coast near you!


    Claire Burgess is a writer of short stories, blog entries, napkin scribblings, and maybe, one day, novels. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Vanderbilt University and is a founding editor of Nashville Review. Her work has appeared or will soon in Third Coast, Annalemma, Hunger Mountain, Redivider, PANK, and elsewhere. Originally from Alabama, Claire now lives in Pittsburgh with her matrimonial finalist (fiance) and no pets. She is writing this in the third person because it makes it seem more professional, doesn't it?

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