The Blog, It has Moved. To

Hello, dear friends. I’ve moved my humble blog to a new URL, but still on WordPress. It shall henceforth be at because there are apparently a lot of other Claire Burgesses (or would it be Burgi?) out there and it makes it nigh impossible to find this page without my last name included in the URL. If you know to search for “Claire Writes Stories,” it’s all well and good and right up there near the top. If, however, you do something like Google my name because you don’t know what my website is yet, all you get is other Claire Burgi who are not me. As part of the blog’s purpose is to aid in my shameless self-promotion as a writer, this is not very useful. (Yes, I do Google my own name. I, in fact, have a Google alert set up for it. Judge me as you will.)

If you want to continue reading exciting and somewhat neurotic updates about my writing ventures and life in general, you’ll have to follow the new blog, in which case feel free to un-follow this one as it won’t continue to be updated and I’ll probably delete it eventually.




    My story "Last Dog," originally published in Hunger Mountain back in the fall, is now online! You can read it here. Also check out the author visit with me, in which I talk about how I got the idea for the story, my writing process, and, briefly, human leather.

    Third Coast

    Be sure to check out my latest story, "Upper Middle Class Houses," in a print issue of Third Coast near you!


    Claire Burgess is a writer of short stories, blog entries, napkin scribblings, and maybe, one day, novels. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Vanderbilt University and is a founding editor of Nashville Review. Her work has appeared or will soon in Third Coast, Annalemma, Hunger Mountain, Redivider, PANK, and elsewhere. Originally from Alabama, Claire now lives in Pittsburgh with her matrimonial finalist (fiance) and no pets. She is writing this in the third person because it makes it seem more professional, doesn't it?

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